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Floral Portraits

Floral portraits are something that I love to do! Do you have a favorite flower you would like to see as a painting?

Your flower photo

Floral portraits are easy to create from your photo. It is a joy that I welcome! Using my gardens as inspiration or using your photo, I can create a beautiful floral arrangement into a portrait to grace your home.

floral portrai, floral painting, flower art, flower artist, flower portrait, flowers, daisies, painting of flowers, watercolor
"MaryJane's Posies"
E-mail for information.
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floral painting, floral portrai, flowers, roses, red roses, watercolors
 flowers, roses, red roses, watercolors
"Single Rose I"
"Single Rose II"
Floral portrait, floral painting, Flower art, flower artist, florals, oils flowers, Iris, Bearded Iris
"Francis Iris"
floral painting, flower portrait, floral portrait,flowers, magnolia, watercolor
Flower portrait, floral portrait, black eyed susan, rudbeckia, butterfly portrait, butterflies
"American Painted Butterfly"
  Colored pencil/Watercolor
floral painting, sunflower, tickseed sunflower, yellow flower, watercolor floral, flower painting

"Tickseed Sunflowers"
Flower portrait, flower painting, floral portrait, floral painting, zinnias
Colored Pencil
Floral painting, flower painting, painting black eyed susans, painting of flowers, yellow flowers
Colored Pencil
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